For Girl’s trip

“We provide a variety of amenities in our guest rooms, including hair irons. With less luggage, you can bring your own equipment and go golfing or enjoy marine activities that take advantage of Onna Village’s natural beauty.

For dinner, enjoy Mexican cuisine while watching the sun set over the ocean. In addition to the restaurant, how about in-room dining, where you can enjoy your meal in your guest room without worrying about the time?”

16:00-17:00 Onna Village for "Adult Luxury"!

“I came to HIYORI Ocean Resort Okinawa on a girls’ trip to refresh my mind and body.

Upon arrival at the entrance, the rumored infinity terrace immediately catches your eye.

The color of the terrace changes with the time of day, and the ocean of Onna Village can be seen from the terrace.
This is a spot I hope to see many times during my stay.”

7:00-10:00 Experience a morning routine of morning yoga and healthy breakfast

“Yoga, which I booked as soon as I checked in yesterday, is an essential part of my trip to refresh.
In the morning, I wake up at 7:00 and go to the poolside.

Just looking at the nature of Onna Village while soaking up the morning sun makes me feel liberated.
Today’s course was “gut-activating yoga,” so at the buffet afterward, I chose mainly gut-friendly menu items.

After a good workout, we had breakfast on the terrace. It was the start of a great day.”

11:00-16:00 Buy local food and have a girls' night out.

“Today we did not go far, but enjoyed shopping around the hotel.
I bought some fruit from a nearby store with a wide variety of local produce, which I brought back to my room and cut up in the kitchen.

I went out to the terrace and hosted a girls’ night out with my unsuspecting friends.
We took many pictures around the ocean view and fruit platter in front of us.”

16:00-18:00 Not only enjoy the resort, but also get a little work done in the Okinawan space.

“I checked my email while my friend went to buy dinner.

I spread out my computer on the terrace and just checked the contents of my e-mail.
That’s it for today’s work time.

After leaving the terrace, which became my office for a moment, I headed to the deli & sweets corner on the ground floor.”

18:00-21:00 Enjoy the sunset at the pool

“I took out taco rice and mango pudding.
We were told in advance what time the sun would set, so we were just in time for the best time to see the sunset over the ocean.
The view of the infinity pool is totally different in the morning and at night.

I felt happy with the extraordinary feeling of eating dinner in such a location.

Tomorrow, we will start our activities using the rental car.
We have to plan properly which way to go around, the south or the north.”