For couple

“All rooms have ocean views, and special suites are also available.
There are also plenty of dining facilities, including a steakhouse set up as a private adult space and a bar where you can enjoy Okinawa’s signature drinks.
Activities include golf, which is a popular activity, with equipment rental available even if you don’t have anything to hand.”

20:00-21:00 We are going to Okinawa for 4 nights and 5 days with Friday and Monday as workcation.

“Since it looked like I could work remotely on Friday and Monday, I decided to get my work done in Okinawa and enjoy my time with her on Saturday and Sunday.
We flew from Haneda to Okinawa on Thursday night. The hotel was only an hour away from Naha airport.
There is a workspace, but a workcation on the terrace or by the pool looks nice.
I have high expectations for my life in Okinawa starting tomorrow.

10:00-13:00 Enjoy a meal in-room dining after a late night sleep-in on the first day.

“When I woke up and looked at the clock, it was 11:00. I feel like I slept well for the first time in a long time, partly because of the liberating feeling of spending a weekday at a resort hotel.
As soon as I get out of bed, the location of Onna Village spreads out before me.
The weather is beautiful, so we order in-room dining and have our meals on the terrace. Brunch with my girlfriends overlooking the emerald green ocean. I can’t believe today is a work day.”

13:00-18:00 After dinner, she went straight to work on the terrace. She watches all the dramas she had missed at once in her room.

“I decided to just bring my computer and do today’s workcation on the terrace.
With the windows closed, I don’t have to worry about the noise from the living room, and I appreciate the fact that I can get power from the terrace.
While enjoying the original coffee provided, I worked hard for a while.
Meanwhile, she was engrossed in a drama in the living room that she hadn’t been able to watch recently.”

18:00-21:00 Go to a teppanyaki steakhouse just in time for sunset pink.

“The concierge told me that sunset today is at 19:07.
I was able to finish my work before then, so I decided to go to a steakhouse with a view of the sunset with my girlfriend.
The main course, Misaki beef, is a premium product that is not available in the market.
The conversation with the sophisticated chef and the performance of the beef being grilled right in front of you are the best part of the teppanyaki experience.
Enjoy the view of the setting sun while tasting the food.
Both my girlfriend and I enjoyed the live dinner and had more wine than usual.”

8:00-11:00 On the second day, enjoy golf in the morning

“Today I decided to get up a little early and play a round of golf with my girlfriend.
As we leave our guest room, the sun is shining on the Uruma farm just behind us.
We took a walk to the affiliated golf course within 10 minutes, feeling the morning Okinawan atmosphere.
We chose to play “through play,” so we holed out in four hours. I was glad to know that I still had plenty of time left after returning to the hotel.
What will I do in the afternoon?
Maybe we can choose a poolside location for our Monday workcation.”