Concept Concept

“A resort where you can live your everyday life” born in the Okinawa

“We are in an era where we freely choose where we want to spend our time.”
Why not enjoy the time your way and in the best space?

Panoramic Your own private resort

Both day and night, Okinawa's scenery is beautiful. The sky and the parallel sea are boundless blue worlds.
Sunset that leaves the horizon red. And another magnificent view of the ocean is from the hill. Breathe and see the colors of nature with your own eyes, as if it were a living museum.

Comfort Like everyday life

Rooms are equipped with a kitchen, washer and dryer. There have Wi-Fi and sockets, making it an ideal environment for long-term stays.
You can enjoy the view of the sea while working or running.

This resort will transform your daily life into a special moment.

Experience Enjoy according to the mood of your day

Teppanyaki and Mexican cuisine, with carefully selected local ingredients, can be enjoyed while watching the ocean and Okinawa sunsets.
You can dine in your room without worrying about the people around you, or if you like busy places, why not head to local restaurants for Okinawan cuisine?