Terms of service.

Rules of Use
In order to ensure a safe and comfortable stay for our guests, we have established the following rules of use based on Article 10 of the Accommodation Clauses.
If you do not comply with these rules, we may have no choice but to refuse your stay or use of the hotel facilities, and you may be required to pay for any damages incurred by the hotel.

1. Use of guest rooms

  1. Please check the evacuation route map displayed on the information board at the door of each guest room.
  2. Please refrain from staying in the rooms if you are not a registered guest.
  3. Minors are not allowed to stay at the hotel alone. Also, please refrain from causing anxiety and inconvenience to other guests by losing reason due to physical or mental weakness, drugs, alcohol consumption, etc.
  4. Please understand that no legal rights related to residency will arise as a result of long-term stay.
  5. We ask for your cooperation in saving electricity and water to conserve resources.

2. Room (card) key

  1. When you leave your room during your stay, please take your room card key with you and make sure it is locked.
  2. When you are in your room or going to bed, please make sure to put on the door latch.
  3. If you lose your room key card, you will be charged 3,000 yen to recreate it.
  4. Please be sure to return your room key card to the front desk when you leave the hotel.

3. Visitors

  1. Please meet your visitors in the lobby.
  2. When there is a knock at the door, please open the door with the door latch engaged or check the door scope.

4. In the guest room

  1. Please do not use fire for heating, cooking, candles, etc. in the rooms or corridors without permission from the hotel. Cooking in the rooms is strictly prohibited.
  2. Even in rooms where smoking is allowed, please refrain from smoking in places where it may cause a fire, especially on the bed.
  3. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the hotel, except in the smoking area.
  4. Please do not use the rooms for any purpose other than accommodation, such as business activities, offices, parties, etc., without the permission of the hotel.
  5. Please do not move the equipment in the room, make any alterations in the room, or remodel the room without the permission of the hotel.
  6. Please do not take the equipment in the room out of the room.
  7. Please do not place any objects that may damage the appearance of the hotel near the window.

5. Valuables

Please take care of your valuables and expensive items by yourself.

6. Lost and Found

The storage period for left items is as follows.

  1. Food (unopened): 3 days from the date of discovery.
  2. Non-food items: 1 month from the date of discovery.

If the guest does not pick up the item within the storage period, the guest shall be deemed to have abandoned the ownership of the item and the hotel shall be free to dispose of it. The guest shall have no right to object to this.

7. Lost and Found

Lost and found items will be dealt with in accordance with the law.

8. Use of the parking lot

  1. When using the parking lot, please follow the guidance and instructions of the hotel staff.
  2. Please do not leave valuables or other items in parked cars. The hotel will not be responsible for any loss or theft of items while parked.
  3. Hotel staff will not be able to move your car on your behalf.

9. Checkout

  1. Payment shall be made in cash, or by coupons, traveler’s checks, accommodation vouchers, credit cards, etc., approved by the hotel, or by other means approved by the hotel.
  2. Please pay the bill at the front desk upon arrival or when you are billed by the front desk.
  3. If payment is to be made by someone other than the guest, the hotel may request payment directly from the guest himself/herself if payment is not received by the designated date.
  4. We do not accept payment for shopping, tickets, cabs, postage stamps, luggage postage, etc.

10. Breakfast Vouchers

Unused breakfast tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

11. Preferential and discount coupons

We do not accept refunds or reimbursements for hotel-issued discount coupons.

12. Disturbing behavior in the hotel

Please refrain from bringing into the hotel any of the following items or acts that may cause inconvenience to other guests.

  1. The following items
    1. Animals and pets in general, such as dogs, cats, birds, etc. (However, this does not apply to guide dogs, service dogs, and hearing dogs.
    2. Explosives, volatile oils, and other potentially dangerous products that may ignite or catch fire
    3. Items that emit foul or strong odors
    4. Guns and swords without a permit.
    5. Extremely large amounts of baggage and goods
    6. Other items prohibited by law
  2. Gambling, intimidating behavior, disturbing the public morals, or behavior that may cause disgust or annoyance to other guests.
  3. Visitors wearing clogs, snow shoes, roller skates, or roller blades.
  4. Moving of equipment or use of equipment other than for its intended purpose.
  5. Distribution of advertising materials, sales of goods, and solicitation.
  6. Delivery of food or beverages from outside the hotel.
  7. Use of the bathhouse by persons with tattoos or who are intoxicated.
  8. Take-out of food and beverages from breakfast (except for items that can be taken out)
  9. Taking photographs in the hotel or on the premises that may cause inconvenience to guests.

13. Changes to the rules

  1. These rules correspond to standardized terms and conditions under the Civil Code, and each provision of these rules is subject to change in accordance with the provisions of Article 19 of the Accommodation Terms and Conditions.
  2. Changes to these rules shall be posted on the hotel’s designated website at least one month prior to the effective date, in lieu of individual notice and explanation, and shall take effect on the effective date specified at the time of posting. At the same time, it will also be kept in the guest rooms.

Revision date: July 1, 2020