Okinawa Prefecture Certified as Okinawa SDGs Partner

HIYORI Ocean Resort Okinawa has been certified as an Okinawa Prefecture “Okinawa SDGs Partner”.
The “Okinawa SDGs Partner” is an initiative by Okinawa Prefecture to recruit companies and organizations to promote the SDGs to the residents of the prefecture as part of its efforts to achieve the SDGs. The hotel has been working on 11 of the 17 SDGs.
 Having been certified as an “Okinawa SDGs Partner,” we will further strengthen our efforts toward the SDGs and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

HIYORI Ocean Resort Okinawa" SDGs Initiatives

Local Contribution Activities
Cleanup activities along beaches and national roads in the vicinity of Onna Village, cleanup activities around neighborhoods after typhoons.

Environmental Issues
The hotel has introduced an ECO Plan (no linen cleaning) to reduce the amount of waste water and energy used for linen cleaning, and introduced pump bottles for in-room animated drinks.
The hotel is also promoting the proper management of water supply facilities and the provision of safe drinking water.
Aiming for zero plastic use throughout the hotel, restaurants have adopted alternative straws made from recycled pineapple leaves grown in Okinawa Prefecture.
We encourage guests to bring their own eco-bags when picking up take-out items at the hotel’s stores.

Power saving measures
Switch to LED lighting throughout the hotel, review lighting timer controls, and install motion sensors in employee spaces.
Reviewed air conditioning operating hours and changed to automatic timer control.
Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by promoting waste separation, reduction, and recycling, and curbing energy consumption.

Promotion of human resource development/technical improvement
Implemented in-house training programs and participated in workshops to develop human resources.
Conduct practical skills training and Japanese language manner training for foreign technical intern trainees, with consideration for their future after they return to their home countries.
Actively accept junior high and high school students for work experience.

Creation of a comfortable workplace
Conduct compliance seminars.
Improvement of environment where women can work comfortably (e.g., smooth transition back to work after childbirth).

Promotion of Local Production for Local Consumption
Promote local production for local consumption by actively using foods produced in Okinawa Prefecture.
Proactively accepting out-of-spec or B-grade products from Onna Village farmers that cannot be priced.

Restaurant Initiatives
Reduction of food residues served at restaurants.

Health and Welfare
Health checkups are conducted regularly to promote the health of all employees, young and old, male and female.